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The Burren Landscape

Where is The Burren?

The Burren is an area of landscape covering over 100 square miles in North Clare on the western seaboard of Ireland.

Some think the Burren region is similar to a moonscape. Not true! The Burren shelters a unique mixture of geology, flora and archaeological sites which have attracted visitors for centuries.

Like most of Ireland, the Burren was under a tropical ocean over 360 million years ago. Dead marine animals and plants fell to the bottom of this ovean and accumulated over time.

Map - the Burren, Clare
Eventually, these accumulated remains formed a layer of limestone rock. Later movements of the Earth's crust raised a section of this ancient seabed into a great plateau - and so the foundation of theBurren was laid.

Since then, ice and water have worked on the rock, eroding the softer layers to leave the unique and beautiful stone formations we see today.
Burren landscape

What does The Burren Look like?

The Burren is a surprising place. The photo at left is typical of what it looks like - pretty bare and grey.

But look closer and you find that all those crevices, called grykes, are actually stuffed full of rare and unusual plants.

This makes The Burren a very attractive destination for botanists as well as geologists.
Of course The Burren is also extremely popular with casual visitors who are simply interested in the beauty of the landscape and the rich heritage and culture of the whole of County Clare.
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