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For anybody with Irish roots or connections, a real, solid chunk of Ireland, the real thing, is a great memento of Ireland and a sure-fire talking point.

Please remember, these are individual natural stone items - no two are identical - what you get will be absolutely unique and nobody - but nobody - will have the same thing.

What you see here are representative samples, not necessarily the actual items you will receive. Packaging may also vary depending on the size and shape of the stone sent.

Genuine Burren Stone

Stones are typically up to 3 inches by 3 inches and weigh up to two ounces. They may have features such as fossils, fault lines, water-erosion marks or holes.

Each one is unique so please be aware that what you receive may not be the same as what you see here.

Packaging may also vary depending on the exact size and shape of the stone selected.

However, we guarantee that each one will be a genuine, authentic, thousands-of-years-old, hand-picked stone from The Burren in Co Clare.
$49.99 + FREE Post & packing

Own a square foot of Ireland

Buy a plot of land in Ireland

Did you or a family member emigrate from Ireland and you feel an emotional connection to this beautiful land? Do you dream of visiting Ireland or even buying a plot in Ireland?

Now you can purchase a small plot of land in rural Ireland. You will receive formal legal documents certifying your ownership, a map and address details showing you how to locate your property, as well as two high quality photographs.

For a truly unique and thoughtful Irish gift, click here to buy a piece of Ireland!

THIS MONTH'S SPECIAL! - Solar-powered grasshopper
These solar powered grasshoppers are great fun and educational too!
Click here for more information

The 2010 snow and ice may be gone but remember what it was like? and what January 2011 was like?
That's twice in one year you went in fear of life and limb - so don't be caught out if the snow and ice comes back! Ice grips slip on over your normal shoes, slip off again when you get on the bus, get into the supermarket or reach the office, giving you the security of sure-footedness on Ice or Snow when you need it. Get a pair of Ice Grips now because when you need them, it will be too late to go looking for them!

A Retro GAA jersey from a famous football or Hurling clash might be just the thing to evoke memories for a GAA fan. These are quality and classic GAA jerseys recreated from authentic records. Anybody can have a mass-produced current jersey but a classic GAA jersey stands out from the crowd and will always be cool.

Or how about a plot of land in Ireland? Buy your very own piece of land in Ireland for less than the price of a night out on the town.

Or do you want an absolutely unique Irish Gift, something nobody else has, or will EVER have?
Then check out our totally unique, individual hand-selected Burren Stone gifts.

NEW! We now have stones from several other Irish counties. Click here for stones from Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Kilkenny, Waterford, Tipperary, Laois and Offaly